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True Gold


God's Sunset

The million things of this world that we chase turn to ash and rust. What we spend our whole lives sweating and bleeding over, eventually leave us when we expire. What are the things of eternity then, and what is this quiet beauty I touch in the world? Is this eternity? Is this what we came here for?


We Were One


Many a heart has been broken when life and people change. Will things ever be the same again, or will they only last in sweet memory forever?


The Power of a Gel

Beauty Inclusive

aloe vera gel

What does one do when dry skin and acne decide to take over the face? There are too many chemical-filled and ineffective products out there to decide on. But what about those of natural origins? Find out how aloe vera gel helped one girl’s skin.


Yet Still I


How often have we fallen into the guise of pretending that everything is fine. Even when the truth bares itself before us, we indulge in the leftovers and bask in our own selfish desires…


Lotte World: South Korea’s Own Disneyland

Places To Go

Lotte World 5

Everyone loves Disneyland, or at least most people do. Lotte World in Seoul is South Korea’s very own version of a children’s wonderland. What is it like and is it worth a visit? Find out in this telling review.


The Secret Harlot

On Us

Our thoughts and emotions carry a far greater weight than any of us realize. We let many things fester and grow in the infernal bowels of our heart, and yet, these are the very things we will never let see the light of day. Every foul deed begins as a secret seed in the mind. Do they count for nought then, or do we inadvertently prostitute our souls to darkness?


Disney’s Frozen: Only Love Will Never Let Go


Disney Frozen Movie Poster

Walt Disney’s acclaimed animation Frozen is a true masterpiece. A beauty unsurpassed and purportedly the best since Disney’s Renaissance era, Frozen paints a wondrously innocent and unheralded tale of true love and how far one will go to save another. Relive this wonderland of snowflakes and dreams through this revealing review of one of Disney’s best animations ever.

*This review contains some spoilers.*


Siamese Twins


An emotionally powerful and heartrending poem on the realities of being a Siamese Twin. Are two really better than one?


You Rescued Me


A love that moves and inspires, a love that touches and heals. In times of suffering and pain, who will save your soul?


Autumn Ambers: The Enchanted Forest


Central Park, Burnaby - Esque 21

Behold the story of beauty before your eyes. The light mists, picturesque trees and quiet waters, were sights so perfect to embrace and absolutely captivating to the soul. A stroll through the enchanted forest of Central Park will set your spirit on fire. Such beauty and transcendence, such warmth and permanence for the world-wearied flesh. All creation indeed sings and reveals the glory of God, the greatest artist and creator.


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