Why You Need Hurricane Storm Shutters

Bahama storm shutter

Do you live in a hurricane prone area? Do you live nearby a coastal area? Even if you home is somewhat inland, you’re still prone to hurricane force winds. That’s why you need hurricane shutters installed as soon possible. Hurricane season is a dangerous time of the year and you don’t want to leave your home and all your possessions within it unguarded. If your home is important to you, you need to protect it with hurricane shutters, no question about it.

Before we go into the importance of storm shutters, let’s review what won’t safely protect your home. If you lived in Florida during the 70’s and 80’s then you’re familiar with some misinformation that still lingers from that time period. Some people still believe that masking tape and plywood are effective means of hurricane protection. The fact is they’re not. Taping windows with masking tape isn’t going to keep your windows in one piece and it certainly won’t stop hurricane force winds from sending projectiles into your home. What it will do is make for a more dangerous situation in your home. Instead of small pieces of broken glass flying around, you’ll now have large guillotine size fragments of glass flying around. Do yourself a favor and put the tape down.

Plywood is not a safe choice either. It doesn’t meet any building codes in Florida. If someone tells you otherwise, they aren’t telling you the truth. Proper hurricane shutters can withstand hurricane force winds and projected items from entering your homes. Plywood simply does not. Even if you used really thick plywood, sufficient hurricane winds can easily tear the plywood of your home.

When you have proper hurricane storm shutters installed on your home and over your windows and all major entrances, you can be assured that your home will be safe. A major cause of roof failure during a hurricane is uncovered windows letting hurricane force winds in the home. This causes an extreme difference in pressure and causes the roof to collapse. That’s why hurricane storm shutters are essential.

The best time to get hurricane shutters is before hurricane season starts. This is because it takes time to order the shutters, measure your windows, and install the shutters. If you wait until hurricane season starts, you’ll be in a long line and risk having no hurricane shutters in the middle of hurricane. Get you storm shutters installed well before a hurricane is brewing in the Atlantic. You’ll be glad you have them up when everyone is hustling to get their homes ready. All you need to do is press a button or turn a crank, and your shutters will be in place.

There are a variety of styles and colors available. You can find shutters that will match your home perfectly. Whether you want something flashy or plane, there’s something available for you. No matter what color you pick, you’ll get reliable storm protection.

Always go with a professional storm shutter installer. This will ensure a job well done.